Thursday, October 17, 2013

What happens after 30

I know it's been a while. I've got my own reasons. Anyway, I started writing in English again, but this time I've changed my blog, I created a facebook page which I suggest you like (here) That's the first post for starters: "It is 5.24 a.m. in Vegas and in 30 minutes I have to get up, get ready, and go to Hawaii for one-week vacation. Sounds cool, isn't it? This is my 4th day in the States. I came here on 6th of October to New York. I flew all the way from Istanbul, Turkey where I spent my last 10 years to start a new life and conquer another big city, because I started to suffocate in 20mln city on the Bosphorus (which is a strait by the way, not a river). So what am I doing in Vegas, and why I'm taking a vacation already? I just decided to take it easy, have a smooth start, and only then be one of the thousands of people, who come to the Big Apple to pursue their dream. I'm lucky enough to have couple really good friends here, and I'm visiting one of them and will be staying at another one's house in NY till I find a place to live. This is actually all I've got here. The rest I brought with me, such as my deep belief in God, huge support for my mom and some close friends, quite a life story, few diplomas and some colorful work experience, typical for Aquarius easy-going and adventurous character, some money to support me for few months, and 2 suitcases stuck with Italian and French labeled brand clothes and 8 pair of shoes. What will happen next? Have no idea! The only thing I can say looking at my past, is that you won't be bored. So stay tuned." Here is the page link:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

About Social Media Rules

It's undeniable to say social media became part of our life, for some of us even really big one. I know it's been while since I have posted something here, but since time is extremely valuable and limited source, I try to use it effectively and spread among networks I'm in (not equally, I should admit). The most favorite social network of mine now is Instagram, where I am @cocosh. I use it everyday, but it doesn't take lots of my time to post a picture or two and have a look and my friends' feed, which I choose very carefully, and developed my own criteria to pick up users to follow. Such as; -I am visual person and I have certain requirements for the pictures I'd like to see in my feed -I really don't like when people post more than one picture at a time from the same place with just different angle -I believe the optimal number of pictures to post during one day (not at the same time) shouldn't exceed 5-6. Otherwise you're turning into spammer -Instagram has some great functions as cropping, enlarging, enhancing colors & filters. Why not use them? Again, don't exaggerate, turning the picture into something unrecognizable. -I don't like when a person posts mainly personal pictures or pictures with people I don't know (and don't care) -I believe every picture should have some point (esthetics, information, fun etc). If you have a public profile, obviously you share your photos not only for yourself or your family, so before posting a picture ask yourself if it has any kind of point for the person who doesn't know you -If I want to see some nice pictures from Internet, I use Pinterest, not Instagram. So on Instagram I like to see only personal pictures, preferably taken on the mobile phone, since it's a mobile application. There are some popular Turkish Instagramers, who have thousands of followers, but most of their pictures are taken with professional equipment, which I find not very honest. I recently attended the exhibition of one of those famous Instagramers, which he announced on Instagram. There were about 50-60 pictures exposed, none of them was taken on the mobile phone (I was really curious and asked him). Of course, it's a great way to promote yourself, but on other hand I know some great mobile photographers who really managed to keep the spirit and develop the skill to take the great pictures on their phones (for example my friend Elif aka @fisheyedreams) As for Instagram and Twitter there is unwritten "principle of mutuality" which I am not agree with. At first, when those social networks just appeared, we used to add all our friends from facebook, mail list etc who were using the same network. But to be friends in real life or facebook doesn't mean you share same opinion and taste at everything. My political beliefs or my visual taste may be totally different from yours, and when in normal life we just don't share those, in blog or in visual networks such as Instagram or Pinterest the division becomes very obvious. And I think finally someone should develop some Internet rules of etiquette, as we used to had one for communication and social life. It's about time. What's your opinion about the subject?

Monday, August 27, 2012

USA trip briefly

Hollywood & Venice Beach

Can't say I was impressed much by Hollywood but still "must see", Venice Beach has more attraction as for me :)

Los Angeles

August 2012


Santa Monica Beach

Los Angeles

August 2012


First time in the city with a good friend, new people, lots of fun, and new adventures of course

Hermosa Beach, Rodeo Drive
Las Vegas

August 2012


July 2012

New York, baby

One of my favorite cities in the world. Never can have enough of it

July 2012