Sunday, October 24, 2010

Piece of NYC in Istanbul

Today I woke up early, did my exercise, had my breakfast and headed to the Russian Orthodox Church for confession I was planning to do for last 4 months. Unfortunately when I arrived there, I was told that my priest had the heart attack that night and at this time he was at the hospital. I was really upset. May God help him to recover soon.
I had a walk in Karaköy and then I wanted to go to some quiet place to finish reading my book "Eat. Pray. Love". I have already watched the movie and had like 80 pages left. So I went to Nişantaşı, parked my car and walked to the Maçka (Democracy) Park.
I sat on the bench, open my book, look around and suddenly felt like I was in New York, sitting on the bench in Central Park.

The first picture was taken months ago in Central Park in Manhattan and last two today in Maçka Park in Istanbul. I was really happy to find that spot which reminded me one of my favorite places in the world.
October 2010

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