Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Moscow

It was my 3rd trip to Moscow this year and as I wrote on Facebook, "Getting used to Moscow. Still don't want to live here but at least I started to understand her character. We have much in common ;)"
Having my mom and cousin around made it completely different-it was nice coming back to the hotel from training, knowing that somebody is waiting for you.

So my thoughts about the city:

1. City`s color is grey. The sky, cars even people are grey.
2. Traffic. No need to tell a lot about it. Come to Moscow and then you start to appreciate Istanbul`s traffic.
3. While sitting in the lobby at night checking my email on iPhone with wi-fi, I was taken for prostitute by some old Italian guy and it took like 5 minutes for him to understand that I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!

1. I have the job I love there
2. I can use metro to go anywhere- it is safe and beautiful
3. I can come to the hotel at 1 am by metro and feel safe (of course I was in the center, but still I don`t feel safe that much in Istanbul)
4. At some places you really feel the greatness of the city.
5. I can eat Russian food everywhere!!!!
6. Russian men make a lot of compliments in non-harassing way.
7. My really close friends live there!


  1. мужиков то у тебя в группе!!!)))

  2. это 26 пилотов!!!! уровень тестостерона зашкаливал :)))))