Monday, January 24, 2011

25th of January

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fakes vs Original

I never buy or use fakes. I don`t even buy pirate DVDs because I have respect for other people`s work, money, time and copyright. I believe using fakes is cheating on yourself- you try to look like someone you are not, and you want other people to believe in that fake personality.
When I bought my first LV bag, I received question like this: "why pay hundreds of EUR if you can get one, looking the same for 100 USD on Kapali Carsi? Nobody knows wether yours is fake or not".
My answer was "I don`t care if people know wether it`s fake or not. It is enough for me to know that it is original. Because I buy it for myself, not for other people. This is the difference between me and people, who buy fakes - they want to impress others".

This is introduction to the news I have.
Apparently I become celebrity, since I already have "copies": Search for Yana Hikhmann on Facebook. Since this person has my pictures on her/his profile, which are available only for my Facebook friends, I really wonder who has done such a thing.

This is the message I received this morning and how I found out about my fake:
"Hello. Yesterday somebody called 'Yana Hikhmann' sent me a request to add her to my facebook list and I accepted it. While looking at 'her' photo album, I realized on one of the photos the signature 'Yana Lykhman' and searched for this name. As you may guess I found your facebook page.

It appears that there is a fake Yana Hikhmann in Facebook who has plenty of friends (more than 100) and your photos in her page. Your profile photo is among the photos displayed in Hikhmann's page... I just wanted to inform you about Ms. Hikhmann :-)"

Of course, first I was shocked and upset when I saw 55 pictures of mine, posted by someone else under the name which is very close to mine. But then I thought about the reasons, why would somebody do that. Apparently my life looks much more attractive to this person, than his/her own. So the only suggestion I have for this person, would be: GET A LIFE!

P.S. Facebook authorities are already informed.

My dear friends, I kindly ask you to report Yana Hikhmann `s personality on Facebook as fake (go to her profile-report person- impersonality like someone I know, chose me- send). Pls do that ASAP. Thank you!
Link for the fake profile:

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My traveling feet

Inspired by other blogger, I found pictures of my feet and legs in different countries, places and times: Antalya, Bangkok (hotel room), Istanbul (coaching training), Istanbul (Astoria), Istanbul (helicopter trip), Antalya, London, again London, again London, again Antalya, Bangkok (hotel pool), Istanbul (friend`s house), Istanbul (Macka Democracy Park), Barcelona, Paris (a bit out of concept, but really funny one. was taken in Louvre. I was so tired of walking, that had to take my shoes off :)
Some of the pictures you have seen before in this blog.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Packing again. For the new life. The more boxes I have in front of me, the more I understand that most precious things I have are not the ones to put into any kind of box; my belief in God, my mom, my true friends, my spirit, my knowledge, and finally my optimism, which helps me to go through all the hard times. These are the things I will definitely need in my new life... and maybe...since I've already got them... my 130 pair of shoes. Just to look fabulous!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Many years ago, Freud was asked to describe what a person should do to attain happiness. The questioner expected a complicated answer and, given Freud's past, this was a reasonable expectation. But Freud is reported to have said quite succinctly: "Lieben und arbeiten," or "to love and to work." When Freud said these words, he meant to say that it was necessary to find a balance between love and work: to love what you do but not live what you do.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beautiful day @ the Bosphorus

We spent a beautiful Sunday with my boss and my colleagues from Russia. We went to the fishermen`s village close to the Black Sea, called Poyraz. Amazing sunset picture was taken there.

January 2011

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