Friday, February 25, 2011

Nice experience

Being a very social person gains me a lot of benefits. I love networking, so whenever and wherever I travel, I try to meet new people, really enjoy it. There are good sites for that (asmallworld, internations etc).

So the other day I went to a charity event, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce @ Siam Kempinski Hotel. As often happens at these kind of events, there was a raffle and my friend won a skin treatment at a really good skin clinic. As a good friend of mine he presented this voucher to me :)

Today I went for Oxygen treatment and should say it was amazing!

The clinic itself reminded me of those kind of movies, where the main character goes to become 20 years younger, because they use some kind of NASA technology. When they brought me water and some treat, I expected to find a blue or red pill :))

Anyway just wanted to thank again my friend and Genesis Clinic, where I went.

Check it out when in Bangkok!

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